14 February 2014 - The Day Bar'd 300 existed

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Due to certain individuals having difficulties in finding cameo information and how to send in a cameo, the information has been moved to this page. If you wish to cameo, please PM me with the answers to these questions below, as well as a sprite sheet of the character you wish to cameo with. And before any of you PM asking me this, yes, the cameo slots ARE still open.

1.First of all, can I have basic details of your character please?
(Basically, things like character name, age, gender, etc. any general details you feel'll be important)

2.Secondly, any abilities I should know about?
(Yes, I can see what attacks you have on your sheet, but is there anything extra which might be relevant? For example, if your character has lots of sprites of sword attacks, it ain't exactly gonna tell me they've got superspeed has it? So yeah, any abilities you think'll be relevant, here.)

3.Third of all, what's your characters personality?
(So yeah, how does your character act? Are they a particularly angry person? What are their likes and dislikes, is there anything they're afraid of, what? I'm not asking for all these details, they're just examples of things you can include. You can go into however much detail as you want, whether it be an essay or a single sentence. The more you give me though, the more easy it will be to portray your character.)

4.Fourth, any background information I should know?
(I'd like to make note of the 'I should know' thing. Yet again, I'm not after anything huge, anything from a sentence to an essay. I'm simply asking for what you think is relevant. 'They accidentally killed their parents lately and are trying to cover it up' is relevant. 'They possibly had a cat called tiddles at some point in their life' probably isn't. Even so, by all means, include those details if you want. Basically, just right however much you feel you personally want to. Yet again, the more I'm given, the easier it will be to portray the character.

5.Lastly, I'm after bar information, if you have any?
(What I mean by this, is any information about your character which may help my presentation of them within the bar. Are they a regular there? Do they have a favorite drink which they'd like to order? Is there any reason they come to this pub over any of the others? Do they drink to drown their sorrows? Are they always the first person at the pub or the last to leave? They could even be applying for a job! Anything and everything which can relate to a bar and your character, shove it down. The more interesting stuff you come up with, the more likely it'll get a mention.)
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