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So, you're wanting to cameo in Bar'd eh? Well, it's a simple enough process! I'm just gonna need two things off of yah!
Firstly, I'm gonna need a sprite-sheet. Doesn't need to be too big or too fancy - if you look back, I've done pages before with character with as little as two or three poses. Albeit... don't expect your character to be doing as much if I'm not as able to pose 'em!
Secondly... I'm gonna need the form below filled out! Don't worry too much about how big it looks, mostly it's just 6 questions with me explaining what I need from 'em - plus, a bonus set of questions at the bottom which are completely optional!
PM both of these things to Dregan, and you'll be well on your way to an appearance in Bar'd!

1.First of all, can I have basic details of your character please?
(Primarily I'm after things like their name, their age, their gender, etc. Feel free to throw in any of your own categories here - sexuality, occupation, whatever - just quick small categories of details that'll cover the base info of your character, and that you feel may be important to how they're portrayed!)

2.Secondly, any background information you can give me?
(So! If I'm to know who your character is, and write them half-decently, I'll need to know a li'l about their past. It doesn't have to be huge, it can be as big as you want. Anything from a single sentence all the way to a full essay. Primarily though, I'm after what you think would be relevant. 'They accidentally killed their parents lately and are trying to cover it up' is probably pretty relevant. 'They possibly had a cat called tiddles at some point in their life' probably isn't - though you never know! Include those details if you want, and there is a chance something may come of it. Basically, just right however much you feel you personally want to. The more I'm given, the easier it will be to portray the character.)

3.Third of all, what's your characters personality?
(So yeah, how does your character act? Are they a particularly angry person? What are their likes and dislikes, is there anything they're afraid of, what? I'm not asking for all these details, they're just examples of things you can include. Just as with the background, you can go as much or as little in-depth as you want - though once more, the more you give me, the more easy it will be to portray your character. I consider this as probably one of the most important aspects to writing a character accurately, so details really will help here - things such as character hobbies and interests also fit well in this category.)

4.Fourth, any abilities I should know about?
(Yes, I can see what attacks you have on your sheet, but is there anything extra which might be relevant? For example, if your character has lots of sprites of sword attacks, it ain't exactly gonna tell me they've got superspeed has it? This doesn't just have to cover superpowers either - talents and skills help to round out a character, so knowing about those means they could perhaps make a showing in the day your character appears! So yeah, any abilities you think'll be relevant, here.)

5.Fifth, I'm after bar information, if you have any?
(What I mean by this, is any information about your character which may help my presentation of them within the bar. Are they a regular there? Do they have a favorite drink which they'd like to order? Is there any reason they come to this pub over any of the others? Do they drink to drown their sorrows? Are they always the first person at the pub or the last to leave? They could even be applying for a job! Anything and everything which can relate to a bar and your character, shove it down. The more interesting stuff you come up with, the more likely it'll get a mention.)

6.Finally... Anything else?
(So this is pretty much entirely optional - but it's your chance to bring to the table anything you think I may've missed. Information you may wanna tell me that you think will help portray the character, or perhaps provide interesting springboard points to writing stuff with them. Pretty much anything can go here, whether it be something like you being aware of another cameo submitted that your character would know, or some minor trivia, quirk, or twitch your character may have.)

(Once more, completely optional! Simply put, Bar'd has a tendency towards containing some rather... out-of-the-box, left field, and unusual situations. Here are just a few additional questions you can potentially answer which may help prompt events throughout the day!
1. How would your character respond to witnessing, (or being the subject of) the effects of some of the Leafy Bar's alchemical formulas? Feel free to give specific reactions to specific drinks, or be rather general.
2. Oh no, there's a supervillain attack just across the river! Is your character gonna scramble to a window to see? Are they gonna mind their own business and keep drinking? Are they gonna rush to the rescue - either running off to find a bridge or diving straight in to swim the long distance? Oh no!
3. Oh no, even worse, someone has smashed down the wall and is attempting to rob the bar! Do we stay calm? Do we panic? Do we fight back? WHAT DO WE DO!?
4. Your character is gonna need an ID to buy that. What they don't have one on them? Sorry, they're not getting it. Or are they? Are they gonna kick up a fuss? Steal it? Calmly accept that this is the case? Run home to get their ID? ...Pull out their fake ID?
5. BAR FIGHT. What do?

So yeah, there you are, a few optional prompts to answer! Feel free to suggest how they may act in other potential situations if you so wish!)
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