14 February 2014 - The Day Bar'd 300 existed

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SUBJECT: #7Me012 Vasiel Loup II
KNOWN ALIASES: Vas, The Abomination Prince EST. AGE: 21
SPECIES: Nocturn
ORIGINAL RECORD: #001 - Reminiscing on the paNDA NO. OF RECORDS: 244+
This will be the main body of text within the table/document. Of course, you already know that, don't you Zach? I can always rely on you to keep me up to date with the news.
NOTABLE POWERS: - Dregan is well known for his powers of being awesome.
- Like, really awesome.
- He can do like, html and shiz.
- And totally not breaking it.
- By putting bullet points in tables.
POWER LEVEL: Over 9000
- Dregan has spent too long on this html.
- Dregan has added too many sections per character.
- Dregan is going to have many regrets.
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