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Bar'd TV Tropes Page

Bar'd 2 by Slice

Vas Immortal by MiMM

Bar'd Readthrough by The Squidcast

By Gale By Spekkal By Haru By Safor By Safor and Dregan By CZGoldedition
By Safor
By Knuxtiger By Chan

By Djoing By Dregan By Dregan By Dregan

By Tsu By Tsu

By CZGoldEdition By Os By Os and Oli By TehButterCookie By SeraphimMoonShadow

By Tsu By Nayel-ie By Sparky By Dracojeff By ScarletFrost By Z

By Chan By Chan

By Tsu

By Shard By G.I.U.L.I.O By Shard By Tsu By Z By Tsu

By Slice By Dregan By Tsu By Dracojeff

Longsleeves Shelia by SolaratheHedgehog - The first entry to the competition, having Shelia wearing some classic droopy-sleeves. I... don't know the actual term for that.
Bunny Shelia & Not Bunny Shelia by Shard - A joke entry and a real entry, giving us both a practical and leafy costume, as well as something a little more skimpy.
Lolita Shelia by Darkjosh - Our third entry, and a rather unusual one. Shelia in a more Lolita style. ...As in the fashion style, not the underage girl.
Barmaid Shelia by Neox - An attempt at a more classical bartender look for Shelia. Also, for the observant folk, you may note she's been almost entirely resprited.
Robo-Shelia by Jake E. Fisher - The first of Jake's entries shows Shelia looking a little... different to how you're used to seeing her. And by that, I mean she's a robot. Which if you hadn't noticed, she isn't normally. The more you know.
Shelia The Bear by Jake E. Fisher - Another entry by Jake, showing Shelia in a rather unusual outfit. I'm curious of the reactions she'd recieve showing up to work in that.
The Many Faces Of Shelia by ForteTh - Here supplied are numerous entrites by Forte going from small dresses, to ninja garb, to even dressing up as Forte.
Pink Assault by kinny-man - Here we go with a rather pink number for Shelia, along with a touch of green and some fingerless gloves.
Full Shelia Jacket by Zmanwarrior - Zman gives us a drawn design, giving Shelia a nice jacket, as well as an unusual extension. Shelia getting into the Sciampo perchance?
Kingdom Tomato Hooters by coopthehedgehog - A... rather unusual variety of costumes coming from Coop, including... a tomato.
Military Shelia by Briano - A non-SJ entry, harkening from the far-off land of 'Sprite Wars', we have, and believe me, this is a surprise from a forum called 'Sprite Wars', Shelia - in army gear!
Biker Shelia by Jake E. Fisher - Yet again, another entry by Jake, giving us his attempt at a biker-esque costume, shades 'n' all.
Legionnaire Shelia by Celestial_Wolf - Another drawn entry, this time by CW, showcasing Shelia in a rather animesque costume.
One-In-Four by Neko_Neko_Diamata - Neko's entry throws everyone who knows her, having a shocking non-diaper based entry, potentially balanced out by the fact that there are three times as many diaper-based ones.
Summertime Shelia by youdont12know - A simple but effective entry, giving Shelia some more summer-esque clothing, including a nice pair of sandles.
Traditional Bartender by Cryosis - Cryosis' last minute entry gives us a more traditional barkeeping uniform for our dear Shelia.

Leo's Secret Passtime by G.I.U.L.I.O. - And here be our first filler, provided by Leo's owner, G.I.U.L.I.O.
How 100 Should Have Been by Exer - Exer here demonstrates a more... unusual filler. It also has a sequel!
APPEAR OFFLINE GUEST COMIC by Shard - Back to the good ol' comic pages with Shard.
How To: Make Acquaintances by Whip - Fourth recieved entry is from good ol' Whip.
Bar'd Future; The Musical by Esav - From the author of the 'best fancomic evar', Esav (Better known as MiMM).
How To: Identify Your Suspect... Again by LaMoop - LaMoop brings us a comic with a return of his character.
Bar'd Intro by Fusion Kirby - Fusion Kirby introduces his character to the bar.
The Confession by Smash - Going out of his way to ruin Shelia's day, here's Smash' entry.
Exit Stage Left by Chris The Wolf - Chris demonstrates a sense of direction is not neccesary for drinking at a bar.
Raisin' The Roof by AkumaTh - Provided by Akuma, an alternate methodology for waking the beast.
Villains Day Off by Xavier - Here, Xavier gives us a view of his characters in their down-time.
Meet The Multiversers by Chaos Master - Chaos Master shows us a rock to the face sometimes IS the answer!
Them Army Folk by Briano - Showing us the fashionable side of the armed forces is Briano.
The Devil Wears Sheeps Clothes by Accel - Accel answers the question here - how does Shelia keep her wool so straight?
Unnaturally Underage by Blitz - Blitz shows us that even the oldest of people can be the youngest of people. Or something.
BRRRROOOOTTHHHERRR by The Navigator - Here, The Navigator shows us the truth behind the impossible seating arrangements.
Sorting Out Snakes by GMC - Godmodern helps show us a more in-depth account of what happened to that poor city.
The Secret Origin Of Vas by Zman - Zman here helps demonstrate the origins of Vas and his meeting of Tsu.
A Matter Of Entry by Tanokki - As Tanokki demonstrates, sometimes violence isn't the answer.
The Final Showdown by Supersheep64 - Supersheep64 supplies us with this delightful account of the future battle of Vas vs. Maximillion.
Cure Or Curse by CW - Celestial Wolf provides us with this rather last-minute entry.
Jake On The Roof by AnXJak - Providing us with a nice view of Jake is AnXJak.
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