It's 2018. And IT'S ALIVE.

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October 7th, 2018, 6:01 pm

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Dregan , October 7th, 2018, 3:01 pm Dregan , July 20th, 2019, 3:39 pm

The Mother of Bar'd

Note: Grey's opinions on pouring alcohol directly into your fuel tanks are his own. Grey does not represent all robots.
...Also wow, callback to something over 300 pages ago I guess?
...Why I would encourage people to look at those older pages I don't know.

Still, hey look, Grey's here! 'Cause someone's gotta provide cheer and good vibes to this party!

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TheJGamer , October 7th, 2018, 10:52 pm

Karma's a bitch, Grey.

>Find every book you can in your near vicinity and try and match the missing page to the right book. It'll take some time, but it'll be worth it... right?

GhostX , October 9th, 2018, 10:58 am

I keep expecting the next dramatic entry to be the CYOA folding into the main comic, that guy's gonna have to have an extra dramatic entry to keep up.

Electrisa , October 14th, 2018, 8:58 am

i feel sorry for him already

>Can you... unwire the giant coathanger and like. Lockpick the elevator with that. Or pry it open?
>alternatively, maybe you could look out the apartment's windows for some other route up or down

Spekkal_X2 , October 14th, 2018, 12:23 pm

it's finally time
this entire comic was just leading up to ernests and grey's bromance this entire time

>You have options! Use BUFFALAUT to tear the door open with his IMMENSE ABS, use your own IMMENSE POWERS to just MAKE a hole through it! ...Or just do what Elec said and lockpick it with the coathanger. The BORING approach.

Dregan , October 14th, 2018, 5:53 pm

@TheJGamer: Oh believe me, Grey's had to put up with more Karma than anyone could hope to.

@GhostX: Aaah now, I wouldn't play my hand so early. But don't you worry! Things will certainly be dramatic.

@Electrisa: Don't worry, he's about to spend a wonderful evening with Ernest.

@Spekkal_X2: Basically from now on the perspective will follow exclusively Grey and Ernest.

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