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Comics - His midi-clorians are off the scale too

21 Apr 2009 02:43 pm

     Average Rating: 3.00




Dregan , 21 Apr 2009 02:41 pm

Actually Shelia in a Fleshy Human Outfit

One of my favorite comics of the series thus far. I'm pretty certain Stew wins the award for most speech-bubbles in one page in this particular case. I think there's probably something else I need to say, but I forget. Probably something about Vas' first impressions of humans getting worse or something.

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G.I.U.L.I.O. unknowingly drank Cintreuse., 21 Apr 2009 02:45 pm


*Is Gender bended*


SliceOfDog unknowingly drank Cintreuse., 21 Apr 2009 04:54 pm

XD Awesome. The face in the first panel looks a little too white, but the sheer kick-ass-ery of the title makes up for that.

Shard unknowingly drank Cintreuse., 21 Apr 2009 06:50 pm

Oh god, not Stew.

...somehow, you've personified him just right. Probably because you know him, but...

Dregan unknowingly drank Cintreuse., 22 Apr 2009 02:06 am

I spelt midi-chlorians wrong there Badx? Y'know, that word with three alternative official spellings? You're right, I did make a pretty bad job of spelling it the particular way you chose to spell it, what with using a different official name 'n' all.

G.I.U.L.I.O. unknowingly drank Cintreuse., 23 Apr 2009 06:50 am

Dude, Badx, stop fickling with such minor detail. I know more about Star Wars than most people, but even I didn't catch the reference. Most who even DO catch the reference will ignore (assuming that there is) a mispelling.

Don't whine on such minute detail. It makes you look bad.

Dregan unknowingly drank Cintreuse., 23 Apr 2009 06:56 am

Add that on top of the fact he completely ignored the point I was making there. George Lucas is inconsistent, there are 3 alternative spellings; midi-chlorians, midi-clorians and midichlorians.

Dregan unknowingly drank Cintreuse., 23 Apr 2009 03:53 pm

You were snarking in the first place, then I snarked back pointing out the 3 different ways of spelling it, then you failingly attempted to snark back, the 3 spellings thing going straight over your head.

Dregan unknowingly drank Cintreuse., 23 Apr 2009 05:43 pm

Isn't your 'usual manner' snarky anyway, and don't you quite commonly admit that?

Lugbzurg unknowingly drank Cintreuse., 28 Apr 2009 03:18 pm

So... what are these things, anyway?

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