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ยป News Archives - 400 Update

February 2nd, 2017, 10:31 pm

400 Update

Ohey, remember that point in time where I was like 'Yeah I'll toats keep you guys updated and not vanish for an extended period of time leaving everyone in the dark'? WHOOPS.
Still, I think it's reasonable I at least drop a news update so people know I'm still alive, still active, still working on things - in fact, 400 is coming along nicely! Whilst at first I sorta took a bit of a break on the matter, this last month in particular has been very productive - with the page currently a little over page 200 in length! Overall it's probably not gonna be quite as large as 300 was - still, expect it to be rather sizable!
Though giving you overall length doesn't really tell you all that much as to how close it is to coming out. So let's narrow it down tooo... say, this month? I may wind up uploading the page in 3 parts over the period of a few weeks - so whilst it may not be FINISHED this month (albeit, it is planned to be), the first third will go up at the very least!

Of course, with how long it has been, I also feel perhaps a teaser of sorts is in order. Still, I'm not wanting to spoil too much sooo... let's just throw you guys the opening. Hopefully this'll wet your appetites...

See you guys again soon!
(...By which point hopefully we'll have a cover and've fixed the html. WHOOPS.)


Martin Prower, February 4th, 2017, 6:17 am

How am I the first one here? I never even read news posts but I guess no one else does either it seems...

Umm good to hear you're not dead. Didn't want to form a search party anyway, too much work

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