It's 2018. And IT'S ALIVE.

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Which character to have appeared in Bar'd is your favorite thus far?
Do you support Van x Random Gender-Changed Background Character?
Which was your favourite row/character from Bar'd 50?
Which was your favourite OOC page (discluding 50)?
What are your predicitions for the Bar'd Christmas to New Year OOC pages?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how mentally scarred were you by Christmas to New Year?
Which character to've appeared in Bar'd thus far do you think is most similar to you?
What did you think of the fanservicing in Bar'd's One Year Anniversary comic?
Who was your favourite of the female guests in the 'ladies day' of Bar'd?
What was the greatest Bar'd monologue? (Lesser monologues removed for the sake of there being so many.)
Who is your current favourite member of The Leafy Bar?
Which of the following characters do you think would fit in best to the official Sonic Universe?
Which filler do you believe was the best out of the 10 listed?
Which of the random (well, not technically random, they've all been mentioned at least once by different fans of the series) following pairings do you support the most (NoIamnotputtingtheobviousoneonhere)?
Which do you think is the better name for the new centaurian superhero?
How do you think the date will go?
Of the current support cast, who is your favourite character?
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